Monday, September 8, 2008

Technology is Important for learning

As our society progresses in technology, the classroom needs to progress right along with it. For students to be only literate with the traditional reading and writing is not enough to make it in today's society.
Teaching mathematics is just another area that so much can be done with technology. There are many different websites online that are great for teaching things such as geometry. Teachers can also have their students make different types of graphs on the computer. Activities like this would not only help the students learn what graphs can show, but prepare them for the future. There will most likely be many times in the students future that they will need to give a presentation involving a graph of some sort.
It is important for teachers today to try to keep themselves as up to date as possible when it comes to technology. Even though it is constantly changing, it will really benefit the student to be as well educated in technology as possible.


Jo Schiffbauer said...

I agree that working with graphs is an important skill.


buckeye12 said...

I agree with you that using technology will help students with their future. In a lot of jobs today, individuals need to make presentations to get a point across. The more technology a person knows how to use, the more productive their presentation will be. It is important for students to learn about technology and its productive uses throughout their schooling.