Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Technology in the Classroom

Through the class I am currently taking, I have learned about new ways to use technology in the classroom. Through high school, we occasionally used Power Point presentations in the classroom, but that was it. I now realize how many more things there are that can be used for education. One activity that I have learned about that I like is the idea of a scavenger hunt. This can be useful for students because it can make them get used to searching for information on the internet while keeping it tied to what is going on in class. It is also safe because the teacher will be able to provide the list of websites that the students are able to use.

Another interesting thing that I have learned to do is use a movie maker program. These presentations are a lot more interesting than the traditional slide shows of a Power Point slide. I felt like I was able to incorporate a lot more multimedia in to the movie maker program.

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Jo Schiffbauer said...

You have listed some good ideas for using technology in the classroom.